Status of FreeBSD 6.2?

Bruce A. Mah bmah at
Wed Dec 27 10:05:43 PST 2006

If memory serves me right, Freddie Cash wrote:
> On Tuesday 26 December 2006 01:49 pm, Martin Blapp wrote:
>>>> Build 6.2-RC2   24 December 2006        Begin building the second
>>>> release candidate
>>>> build for all Tier-1 platforms.
> Note:  Only the actual column for RC2 has been updated.  The expected 
> column for everything that follows still lists dates in Oct/Nov 
> timeframe.  I think this is what Brett is asking about:  and update on 
> the expected timeframe.

The bits for 6.2-RC2 are making their way to the FTP mirrors now (if
they're not there already).  I think it should be possible to announce
6.2-RC2 today.

The current, tentative plan is to start building 6.2-RELEASE about a
week and a half after the 6.2-RC2 announce date (again, that might be
today), and then announce 6.2-RELEASE a few days later.  This assumes
that there aren't any (more) last-minute problems.

The situation has been fairly fluid over the last month or so, due to
various problems that keep showing up at inconvenient times...everything
from last-minute bugs to ftp-master's RAID blowing up.  I admit we
haven't been real communicative about the status of the release.  :-p


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