Status of FreeBSD 6.2?

Brett Glass brett at
Tue Dec 26 12:51:25 PST 2006

Nick Mann Writes:

>  <>
>claims: "Last modified: 2006/12/08 17:09:58".

True. But it still lists the release date for 6.2 as "Mid-December."

>  <>
>claims: "Last modified: 2006/12/25 02:18:37".

Also true. But it still shows a projected release date of 13 November!

I'm not asking that the release be rushed; I'm asking that the
projections, to-do lists, etc. be updated so that we who are anticipating
it have some idea of the RE team's plans going into the new year. Even if 
the release date is in February, that's fine -- just so it makes for a 
better product and we can anticipate and plan for it.

--Brett Glass

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