Status of FreeBSD 6.2?

Brett Glass brett at
Tue Dec 26 11:22:48 PST 2006

I haven't seen much on the lists lately regarding the status of 
FreeBSD 6.2, so I'd like to ask the Release Engineering team for 
their thoughts and projections. The calendar on the public "Release 
Engineering" page hasn't been updated since November, and those of 
us who await 6.2-RELEASE need to have some idea of what to expect.

I don't know about everyone else, but I for one would not like to 
see the release rushed; in fact, I'd rather have it delayed a 
little if it means that some longstanding PRs will be cleared up. 
However, I do need to know how things are progressing. When are we 
likely to see an RC2? Given the many changes to the code since RC1, 
will there be an RC3? When will the calendar and "to do" list be 
updated? And will we see a release by, say, Valentine's Day?

--Brett Glass

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