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Check out our staff's Top 10 for the best titles of 2006-- now up to 85% off!

The World At War: Collector's Edition DVD set

More than 30 years after its initial broadcast, THE WORLD AT WAR
remains the definitive visual history of World War II. Narrated by
Academy Award(R) winner Laurence Olivier and digitally re-mastered for
DVD, this is epic history at its absolute best.

What our staff thinks: "an unvarnished look at WWII, from every

The Revolution: The Series DVD Set

Available for the first time in a single DVD set, this sweeping,
acclaimed series definitively depicts the foundation of the United
States of America.

What our staff thinks: "the best recounting of the American Revolution
in existence."

The Presidential DVD Collection

Hail to the Chief! Politics aside, you will be fascinated by this
in-depth examination of the most exalted office in the land.

What our staff thinks: "every commander-in-cheif needs a copy"

Ultimate World History Collection DVD

Explore the glories of Britannia, the majesty of Russia, the horrors
of the French Revolution and the brutal Conquest of America, all
inside this comprehensive DVD set.

What our staff thinks: "Span the critical moments throughout the World
in one set."

Desperate Crossing: The Untold Story of the Mayflower DVD

So much more than simply the story of the Thanksgiving meal, the epic
saga of the Pilgrims - fully realized in this vibrant DVD.

What our staff thinks: "a totally new way of looking at the Pilgrims
-- fact IS better than fiction."

JFK: A Presidency Revealed DVD set

He was a young hero who brought the promise of a new era to the Oval
Office. Forty years after his death, the legacy--and mystery--of John
F. Kennedy continues to grow.

What our staff thinks: "the best history of the man and his legacy
I've ever seen."

The Conquerors DVD set

History's greatest engagements come to life as we profile the men
whose brilliance and vanity shaped the world.

What our staff thinks: "Napoleon plays a small role in this gripping

Egypt: Engineering An Empire DVD

Through cutting-edge digital graphics and countless interviews with
noted Egyptologists, THE HISTORY CHANNEL(R) chronicles the pharaohs
and feats that brought forth the world's very first superpower.

What our staff thinks: "the wonders of Egypt from a mechanical
perspective -- fascinating."

The Battle History of the United States Military DVD Set

strengths of one of the world's greatest military powers.

What our staff thinks: "this set is like a great salute to the U.S.

10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America DVD Set

10 one-hour documentaries directed by 10 award-winning independent
filmmakers -- highlights 10 individual days that each triggered change
in America.

What our staff thinks: "a completely innovative approach to the
subject of American History."

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