Possibility for FreeBSD 4.11 Extended Support

Robert Joosten robert at ml.erje.net
Mon Dec 25 04:40:52 PST 2006


> >From my understanding, rpc.lockd needs substantial work from a fairly
> experienced developer, to the point where IIRC we are not in a position
> to hold up any releases because of it.  Someone will surely correct me
> if I am wrong.

Afaik all is correct.

Someone pointed out to disable rpc.lockd completely but that doesn't help 
either. Unless the pxe-clients have to do something on their end I'm not 
aware of.

Another stated rpc.lockd is broken for years now and we should 
implement a dummy one accepting and positively ack all locks while 
doing nothing actually. That should work as long as you know what you're 
doing :-D My pxe clients all have separate directories so concurrent locks 
on one specific file shouldn't occur.

The clients do run without rpc.lockd till the moment sendmail starts or 
you try to run vipw. I didn't observe other quirks but I didn't monitor 
lockd-less boxen extensively.

Thanks for your reply.

Kind regards,
Robert Joosten

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