Possibility for FreeBSD 4.11 Extended Support

Graham North northg at shaw.ca
Sun Dec 24 11:51:34 PST 2006

Mark Linimon wrote:

As a point of curiosity, I would like to hear from some of the people in
this thread who will continue to run 4.11 or 4-STABLE for a while, to find
out what ports they are relying on.  A note about whether you consider
security updates to be a critical issue would be interesting.  I will
summarize to the list.

One of the earlier posts just about covered it.  Let's keep security fixes, and the core Mail, Webserver and maintenance programs.

Postfix, Clamav, Amavisd-new,Spamassassin,courier,apache1.3,php, mysql, cvsup-without-gui,...  Midnight Commander is handy too!

Kindness can be infectious - try it.

Graham North
Vancouver, BC

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