Possibility for FreeBSD 4.11 Extended Support

Robert Joosten robert at ml.erje.net
Sun Dec 24 10:30:02 PST 2006

Hi Mark,

> to find out what ports they are relying on.

None are critical, although I usally get bash and cvsup from ports but 
that's not that important

> A note about whether you consider security updates to be a critical 
> issue would be interesting.

At least I want to hear about hem.. Fixes are highly appreciated ofcourse.

> Note: I am only interested in the data for machines used as servers.

These are nfs servers serving pxe clients.. rpc.lockd trouble is the main 
reason for not using 6 currently, asr0 performance is secondary not using 
5. I admit: I haven't checked the commit-logs for any asr updates on 5 for 
months now... I know rpc.lockd is PR filed and even offered to help. It 
stalled; I rest assure re@ is aware of these difficulties and I dind't see 
any rpc.lockd commit that would be related.

Curious for the outcome of your poll.

Kind regards,

Robert Joosten

PS: seasonal wishes for anyone on board :-)

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