Cached file read performance with 6.2-PRERELEASE

Mark Kirkwood markir at
Thu Dec 21 15:39:06 PST 2006

Bill Moran wrote:
> In response to Mark Kirkwood <markir at>:
>> JoaoBR wrote:
>>> I am not convinced that this kind of test is of any value for comparing 
>>> systems at all because there are too much factors involved - unless the 
>>> competitors are installed on identical hardware. On the other side I think it 
>>> is usefull to compare tweaked settings on a particular machine. For example 
>>> you may change fsize/bsize of the filesystem or any other and can compare 
>>> this results then.
>> Exactly, that's why I did the comparison - I think you missed the part 
>> where I mentioned the 2 systems were *identical* with respect to cpus, 
>> memory, mobo - in fact even the power supplies are identical too! 


>> In fact, to indulge your skepticism ('cause I think this is a real issue 
>>   worth sorting out), I booted the FreeBSD system with a Gentoo livecd 
>> and  ran the same tests there... and guess what - identical results to 
>> the installed Gentoo errm - *my* experimental method is 
>> how about we just get together and see how to make FreeBSD 
>> kick Gentoo eh?
> I looks like your testing methodology is sound, and that you've
> uncovered an issue worth pursuing.
> I recommend starting this thread up on freebsd-performance at .  The folks
> on that list are more likely to jump all over this kind of thing.

Great - I'm not subscribed to -performance (that is easily fixed
tho...), so I'll set that up and follow your suggestion!

> You might also find helpful people on the current@ and hackers@ lists.
> My gut tells me that any changes that can improve this will be large
> enough that they'll have to go through CURRENT first, then get MFCed
> back in to 6.

Right, no worries there (I can upgrade to CURRENT on my test
machine...should be an interesting exercise in itself!)

> Keep in mind also that the holidays tend to slow things down, it might
> be early January before you get a lot of people looking at this issue
> seriously.

Yeah - Merry Xmas to you all!



P.s : JoaoBR, apologies for coming on a bit was merely my
enthusiasm to get to the bottom (or even the beginning...) of what is
going on here!

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