Duplicate IPFW rules

Václav Haisman V.Haisman at sh.cvut.cz
Thu Dec 21 12:21:00 PST 2006

Scott Ullrich wrote, On 21.12.2006 21:05:
> On 12/21/06, Václav Haisman <V.Haisman at sh.cvut.cz> wrote:
>> Huh, really? How is it useful? Please, explain.
> One example feature is to be able to delete many rules at once.  If
> you know that a specific rule number holds rules (example: time based
> rules) then the script has less work to do.   Now granted since sets
> where introduced this can be done via this method but this feature has
> been useful (at least to me) for years and years now.
> Scott
Oh, I did not realise this use. Hmm...still, I thought that this is what
tables are for :)


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