Cached file read performance with 6.2-PRERELEASE

Oliver Fromme olli at
Thu Dec 21 08:23:02 PST 2006

Pieter de Goeje wrote:
 > Mark Kirkwood wrote:
 > > Pieter de Goeje wrote:
 > > > Copying /dev/zero to /dev/null yields more than 5GB/sec on a simple 2Ghz
 > > > Athlon64. It imagine there are quite a few extra things done when copying
 > On second thought, this is wrong because /dev/zero isn't a real block
 > of memory

It _is_ a real block of memory.  To be exact, it's called
zbuf[] in src/sys/dev/null/null.c.  It's the size of one
page (4 KB or 8 KB, depending on architecture).  When some
program reads from the zero device, that block is copied
repeatedly from kernel space to user space.

 > so these results say nothing about memory I/O speed because
 > all data is in (cpu) cache.

That's true.  The test rather benchmarks the CPU, the cache
and the overhead involved when copying data between kernel
and user space.

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