Possibility for FreeBSD 4.11 Extended Support

Heinrich Rebehn rebehn at ant.uni-bremen.de
Thu Dec 21 06:40:22 PST 2006

Colin Percival wrote:
> John Smith wrote:
>> Support for FreeBSD 4.11 is going to end sometime in late January.
>> Originally, FreeBSD 6.2 was supposed to be released back in October.  This
>> would have given everyone about 3 months to stress test everything and
>> migrate all their boxes from 4.11 direct to 6.2.
> You've had three months to stress test 6.2-BETA1, 6.2-BETA2, 6.2-BETA3, and
> 6.2-RC1.  We release these for a reason, you know.
>> Now it is near the end of
>> December, and FreeBSD 6.2 RC2 has yet to be seen anywhere.  Chances are that
>> FreeBSD 6.2 Release will come out earliest mid-January.  This does not give
>> much time for people to migrate to the newest FreeBSD release.  I think it
>> would be fair if support is extended for a few more months especially since
>> 6.2 is so late in coming.
> Your opinion has been noted.
> Colin Percival

I have to second the OP's opinion. :-)
I think it is important to be able to stress test the *final* release 
before installing on production machines. There is little use in stress 
testing BETAs and then install a broken RELEASE.
This happened with 6.1-RELEASE where the nfs server was suddenly 
unusable on amd64.


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