Practically missing cpio(1L) man page since Oct 22 2006

Parv parv at
Thu Dec 21 03:26:10 PST 2006

A few minutes ago I was extracting information about mass copying with
pax(1) & cpio(1L) on 6.2-PRERELEASE.  I got information from pax(1)
man page, but i found cpio(1L) man page to be rather lacking.  (Yeah,
I saw the pointer to info.)

Is it possible to have a genuine cpio(1L) 2.6 man page available?

I got curious when I tried my luck with FreeBSD man page index ...

... and got a genuine man page, (had "FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE"
selected per default).  I found nothing in PR database about neutering
the cpio man page; so went to cvsweb ...

... which was missing the substantial version in there.  I did a
second trip to man.cgi & selected "FreeBSD 6.1-STABLE", which showed
the rather empty man page.  Just to confirm that I turned to cvs-
mailing list stored locally, and here I found ...

  delphij     2006-10-23 03:33:27 UTC
  ...      +0 -328    src/contrib/cpio/cpio.1 (dead)
    ...  +0 -558    src/contrib/cpio/cpio.texi (dead)
    ...       +41 -0     src/contrib/cpio/doc/cpio.1 (new)       +563 -0    src/contrib/cpio/doc/cpio.texi (new)

... no wonder (NOW!) that cvsweb did not 330-some line version of man
page as the path had been changed, and I did not happen to misplace my
mind during world build & install, along with some combination of
entry in /etc/make.conf (yup, checked there too;).

GNU, drown thyself with info!

  - Parv


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