(Seemingly) Spontaneous rebooting

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Tue Dec 19 21:08:04 PST 2006

I'm also using this version of BSD on SMP. And just now, I rebuild another
verion 6.1-RELEASE-p11. The system crashed again within one hour. I'd like
to try to use Uni-Processor mode to try again. Any one know how to set the
system to one processor without recompile kernel or remove hardware?

Ma Jie

2006/12/19, Stephen Montgomery-Smith <stephen at math.missouri.edu>:
> Joe Holden wrote:
> > Ma wrote:
> >
> >> I have almost the same reboots on my server. :( And it may reboot
> >> serval times a day. I'd like to know how to get crash dumps? What is
> >> added in your rc.conf?
> >>
> >> --
> >> Ma Jie
> >>
> > Hi, I used the rc.conf values as set out in rc,conf(5)
> >
> > root at claire# grep crash /etc/defaults/rc.conf
> > dumpdev="NO"            # Device to crashdump to (device name, AUTO, or
> > NO).
> > dumpdir="/var/crash"    # Directory where crash dumps are to be stored
> >
> > I set dumpdev to my swap partition, although nothing got dumped,
> > although I did upgrade it to -CURRENT as i'd exhausted everything else,
> > and its not crashed since, not wishing to flame/troll/whatever, but 6.x
> > seems to have a fair few issues.
> I posted a dump of a crash I had with a recent RELENG_6 computer a few
> weeks ago.  It was one of those fairly useless dumps where the program
> counter seems to be completely meaningless.
> I also had similar behavior about a year ago, which seemed to be
> produced by a bug that is now fixed.  (That one I could make it happen
> at will by running a multithreaded program on a 4 processor system, and
> "top -s0" at the same time.)  I do recall the nature of the crash is
> that sometimes it produced dumps, and sometimes it didn't.  And when it
> did they were useless.
> The crash seemed always to be with a page fault.  I experienced it on
> two computers, both with SMP.
> Anyway, what I am saying is that all these people might be seeing a
> genuine problem that by its very nature does not produce meaningful dumps.
> If this problem is real, perhaps one solution is to put out release 6.2
> fairly soon, then lots of people will try it and experience this
> problem.  Then you guys will have lots of evidence to work with.  Then
> when you fix it, put out release 6.3 much sooner than otherwise
> anticipated.  (I should add that my wife accuses me of having humor that
> is too dry.)
> Stephen
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Ma Jie

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