OpenBSD's spamd.

Christopher Hilton chris at
Tue Dec 19 15:58:42 PST 2006

jdow wrote:

>> Spamd does talk to the remote smtp. It does this until it determines 
>> that the remote smtp is RFC compliant in the area of retrying mail. On 
>> the first delivery attempt it sets up a time window for the delivery 
>> tuple: (server, sender, recipient). If it receives another delivery 
>> attempt within this time window it modifies a PF table which allows 
>> further delivery attempts to bypass spamd and talk directly to your 
>> actual smtp daemon. Without this entry remote smtp daemons talk to 
>> your spamd.
> Features aside I see a huge problem with something called spamd. That
> is the same name as the daemon mode for SpamAssassin. It's not good
> to have duplicated names that way. It makes life difficult when you
> want to run both tools on the same system.

Agreed. Fortunately in this case Spam Assassin's spamd installs in the 
wrong part of heir: /usr/local/bin I believe and OpenBSD's spamd 
installs in ${PREFIX}/libexec.

-- Chris

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