Possibility for FreeBSD 4.11 Extended Support

John Smith freebsd at addict.com
Tue Dec 19 15:44:19 PST 2006

Support for FreeBSD 4.11 is going to end sometime in late January.  Originally, FreeBSD 6.2 was supposed to be released back in October.  This would have given everyone about 3 months to stress test everything and migrate all their boxes from 4.11 direct to 6.2. Now it is near the end of December, and FreeBSD 6.2 RC2 has yet to be seen anywhere.  Chances are that FreeBSD 6.2 Release will come out earliest mid-January.  This does not give much time for people to migrate to the newest FreeBSD release.  I think it would be fair if support is extended for a few more months especially since 6.2 is so late in coming.

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