Is syslog() reentrant? Was: OpenBSD's spamd.

Christopher Hilton chris at
Tue Dec 19 11:41:43 PST 2006

Christopher Hilton wrote:
> Has anyone gotten a newer version of OpenBSD's spamd than the one in 
> ports going? I'm cvsupping my ports tree now but since I didn't see an 
> update on the cvs server I'm assuming 3.7 is the latest version.
> Between OpenBSD 3.7 and 3.8 spamd gained the ability to tarpit or 
> stutter at all connections for a configurable period of time. I 
> understand that stuttering for the first few seconds of the SMTP dialog 
> causes many spammers to go away before even generating a greylisting 
> tuple. It's something I'd like to try and see for myself and it will be 
> fairly easy since my primary MX is behind an OpenBSD firewall. However, 
> my secondary MX is a FreeBSD box with no such protection and I fear that 
> the spammers will just take advantage of the fact that my secondary MX 
> has weaker protections than my primary.

A casual attempt to compile a fresher copy of the software shows that 
spamd is using the OpenBSD's reentrant syslog functions (syslog_r, 
openlog_r, etc) Is FreeBSD's syslog already reentrant?

-- Chris

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