negative runtime etc.

Oliver Fromme olli at
Tue Dec 19 03:39:26 PST 2006

Adrian Wontroba wrote:
 > Vclav Haisman wrote:
 > > Hi, I have loads of following messages in newly installed virtual server
 > > (under MS Virtual Server 2005 R2) running 6.2 RC1, I am even using the
 > > stock kernel. Can I fix this?
 > > Dec 16 18:33:27 shell kernel: calcru: negative runtime of -553620 usec
 > > for pid 76484 (zsh)
 > > Dec 16 18:33:27 shell kernel: calcru: runtime went backwards from
 > > 1004708 usec to 791507 usec for pid 655 (sendmail)
 > You can reduce them somewhat by using a slower clock tick and perhaps a
 > different timecounter:
 > ==> /boot/loader.conf <==
 > kern.hz="200"
 > ==> /etc/sysctl.conf <==
 > kern.timecounter.hardware=ACPI-safe
 > The above reduced my errors to a few hundred a day and improved time
 > keeping. Setting up the host as an NTP server and running
 > ntpdate once a minute seems to have sufficed to keep time accurate
 > enough for my needs.

Just a small note:  It does not make sense to run ntpd _and_
ntpdate at the same time.  Usually it is sufficient to just
run "ntpd -g" (ntpdate is obsolete anyway and will be removed
from future versions of the ntp software).

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