loader freezes system during timer autoboot

patrick patrick at cyberwizards.nl
Sun Dec 17 04:44:24 PST 2006


I have a supermicro system which freezes during the timer before autoboot.
It freezes most of the times.

System  : Supermicro 5014C-T
         : Super P8SCi
         : P4 630 / 3.0 GHz / 2MB cache - 2 Logical CPUs
         : 2048 (2x1GB) PC2-400 ECC REGISTERED
         : Broadcom BCM5721 Dual Gigabit Ethernet
         : 3ware 3W8006-2LP Storage Controller

6.2-RC2, cvsup'd 17 dec 1200 CEST running GENERIC kernel

setting autoboot_delay="-1" and beastie_disable="YES" in loader.conf make the system most of 
the time boot correctly, but sometimes also freezes but then directly after start of the autoboot/kernel boot.

I have an identical system running 6.1 without this problem.

Anyone have any suggestions?




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