6.2-RC1 em(4) issue - freezes during CD boot

Chris Buechler freebsd at chrisbuechler.com
Fri Dec 15 08:27:40 PST 2006

Jack Vogel wrote:
> Since its often the case that a kernel you rebuild is NOT the same as the
> one install ends you with it might be a good test to go ahead, 
> redefine em
> back into the kernel and see if THAT new kernel hangs. Just be SURE and
> keep this other kernel available to boot up again :)

Well I ran cvsup prior to doing this, so it's not a perfect test case 
(i.e. it's not the src that the 6.2-RC1 CD installed).  But after 
building and installing a new world and GENERIC kernel from a cvsup on 
RELENG_6_2 from yesterday, the box boots fine and detects the em card 
properly during boot without freezing. 

I can test future 6.2 RC's or the final release and let you know if I'm 
still seeing the same issue if you'd like. 

Thanks for your help!


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