[CALL FOR TESTERS] (was: ral(4) and second/third gen devices)

Max Khon fjoe at samodelkin.net
Fri Dec 15 03:40:50 PST 2006


On Fri, Dec 15, 2006 at 06:53:52AM +0000, Matt Dawson wrote:

> Is there any timescale/possibility of a MFC of the ral driver that Damien has 
> added second and third generation support to? It is becoming increasingly 
> hard to lay one's hands on first gen kit, especially in MiniPCI. If not, is 
> there a patch lurking somewhere to add this to the RELENG_6_2 branch?

Please try this patch:


Works for me for some RT2561-based card for about 6 months.
I had to merge some fixes from OpenBSD (to HEAD) in order to fix a panic during
interface reconfiguration.

I hesitate to MFC this because the driver has been heavily refactored
and I do not have RT2560 card to test with. Any reports from owners of
Ralink RT2560-based cards about this patch are highly appreciated.

Unfortunately Damien no longer maintains FreeBSD driver.


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