RELENG 6.1/AMD64 system hangs when SMP enabled

Bram bram at
Fri Dec 15 00:22:32 PST 2006

Hi all,

I turned kernel debuging on and tried the key combinations when the 
machine was stuck
but it did not really help because the machine was not responding to this.

I do think that I might have found the cause of the problem.

I was running powerd and the cpufreq module was loaded each I had problems.

I now turned powerd of and did not load the cpufreq module and the 
machine is now running for 23 days in a row.

Does anybody know wether this is possible/makes sense ?

kind regards

Kris Kennaway schreef:
> On Fri, Oct 27, 2006 at 09:35:09AM +0200, bram wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm rather new to freebsd so forgive me if I am saying things that don't 
>> make sense.
>> I have a dual opteron server running freebsd 6.1/amd64 updated 4 weeks ago.
>> Since I moved to 6 I've been having tho following problem.
>> When I put heavy load on the server (python scripts that take 20 minutes 
>> to complete) the server sometimes hangs.
>> I can then not ping it anymore and it does not respond to anything (no 
>> keyboard power button etc.).
>> Mostly there are no error messages or anything so I have no clue to what 
>> the problem is.
>> One time it did give an error but I did not wrote it down, but as I 
>> recall it was something like SMP spin lock timed out.
>> It hangs every three weeks
>> Please give me some info on how I can get it to give more info or how to 
>> resolve this problem.
> See the chapter on kernel debugging in the develpers handbook
> Kris

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