Poor NFS performance after recent update

Jay Chandler chandler at chapman.edu
Thu Dec 14 20:48:27 PST 2006

Kimi Ostro wrote:
> I am have a realy big issue with NFS. I updated my fileserver to
> -STABLE as of 13th December and suffering poor NFS performance. before
> I was transferring data at around 6-8MBps now it is 30KBps - yes
> 30KBps!!. also cause some mounted shares to lock up.
> I thought it was the nve0 interface and swapped it for an fxp0. no
> change. checked cables. no change.
> What can I do to debug this further?
> I feel as though I could take the binary bits and transfer them
> quicker myself :(
What's the entry for the NFS share in /etc/fstab?

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