pf killing NFS

Max Laier max at
Wed Dec 13 03:10:08 PST 2006

On Wednesday 13 December 2006 12:05, Pete French wrote:
> > As Luke already pointed out, "no-df" on the scrub rule should help. 
> > As=20 for the "bad cksum!" - this is a symptom of checksumming done
> > in=20 hardware.  ifconfig bge1 -rxcsum -txcsum should get rid of
> > them.
> I am a bit concerned by this - we use a lot of bge interfaces, and I
> have hardware checksumming enabled on all of them. Are they known to
> produce bad checksums ?

You are misunderstanding.  The problem is simply that the bpf device sees 
bad checksums as it sees the packet before the hardware has calculated 
it.  On the receiver the checksum will be correct.

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