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> I hate feeling panic'd, but I am ...
> Figured to press space as it was booting, and got the:
> boot:
> prompt ... typing 'boot -s' tells me 'No boot' ...
> typing 'load /boot/kernel/kernel' give me a dump and BTX halted ...
> help?

Well, this was the most painful (and panic'd) morning I've had in a while ... 
got a tech to put a CD in to the drive for me, booted up, went into fixit mode, 
removed the loader.conf file and am not back where I started from before 
mucking with loader.conf (ie. VSP works for login, break still doesn't work) ...

I know what I did wrong with loader.conf though ... boot blocks needed to be 
rebuilt for COM2 vs COM1 .. is there some way I can do that from loader.conf 
without having to rebuild the kernel, or does the kernel have to be rebuilt?

And, also ... is that why I can't break to DDB, that I don't have comconsole 
setup through the com port, only the getty?

Thanks ...

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