pf killing NFS

Pete French petefrench at
Wed Dec 13 03:04:18 PST 2006

> I'm running a 6.2-RC1 box (cvsup'd today) that has two broadcom nics.  One 
> is an internal network (nfs) and the other is external.
> Doing something like "ls /usr/ports" will just hang until interrupted. 
> Using tcp for nfs makes it workable, but very slow.

Oddly enough I hit precisely this problem last night - with a cvsup from a
few days ago. I have tried adding the 'no-df' flag to the scrub rules, but this
did not help much. What I ended up doing was this:

scrub in on bge0 proto tcp fragment reassemble random-id

so that I am not scrubbing UDP traffic. this works fine.


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