pf killing NFS

Max Laier max at
Wed Dec 13 01:12:13 PST 2006

On Wednesday 13 December 2006 07:10, Charles Sprickman wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm running a 6.2-RC1 box (cvsup'd today) that has two broadcom nics. 
> One is an internal network (nfs) and the other is external.
> PF has this rule for all traffic on the private net:
> [root at archive /home/jails]# pfctl -sr|grep bge1
> pass in quick on bge1 inet from to any
> pass out quick on bge1 inet from any to
> No state since these are "quick" and symmetrical.
> Doing something like "ls /usr/ports" will just hang until interrupted.
> Using tcp for nfs makes it workable, but very slow.
> If I disable pf (pfctl -d), both types of mounts work, and speed is
> excellent.  I also just found that if I remove the "scrub in all"
> statement and change it to "scrub in on bge0", things are fine.
> Any idea what's going on?  The tcpdump output confuses me (see "bad
> cksum!"), so I'm posting some snippets here.

As Luke already pointed out, "no-df" on the scrub rule should help.  As 
for the "bad cksum!" - this is a symptom of checksumming done in 
hardware.  ifconfig bge1 -rxcsum -txcsum should get rid of them.

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