SMBFS bad address

Gerald Host ghost at
Mon Dec 11 03:50:30 PST 2006

I'm having problems with SMBFS.  I'll start by saying I'm using the PAE
kernel (6.1), so the SMBFS options aren't loaded by default.  If I should
add these and rebuild the kernel please let me know:

[not in my kernel]:

options         SMBFS                   #SMB/CIFS filesystem
options         NETSMB                  #SMB/CIFS requester
options         NETSMBCRYPTO            #encrypted password support for SMB
options         LIBICONV                #optional internationalization
options         LIBMCHAIN               #mbuf management library

As it is they are loaded as modules...

smbfs seems ok at first, but when I try to cp a file I get a message: Bad
address.  I can echo and cat though.  When I try a copy a file is create
with 0 bytes.  What's going on here?


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