Browser plugin problems still exist in 6.2

Bruce M Simpson bms at
Thu Dec 7 02:30:59 PST 2006


It still seems to be necessary to patch rtld in order to get the Flash 
plugin to work (www/linux-flashplugin7) due to the '_dlsym' symbol not 
being found.

I was able to use a smaller patch to do this, see attached (although 
this may not build with the Intel C compiler).

Also, a more recent version of the Adobe Acrobat viewer 
(print/acroread7) is needed in order to stop the XtCalloc messages. 
Details here:

Make sure /compat/linux/dev/null does not exist; if it does, as a 
regular file, that's bogus and will stop from loading.

With these changes, both plugins work on my system.

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