Unable to boot on ASUS Vintage-PE1

Václav Haisman V.Haisman at sh.cvut.cz
Sun Dec 3 14:12:38 PST 2006

I have been given new hw to move one of our servers to, the ASUS Vintage-PE1.
Last two times I have been changing hw for the server I only needed to move
disks to new box and everything worked, the OS booted without any
complications. Not this time with this new hw. When I put the disks into the
Vintage-PE1 hw, the loader doesn't find the root and kernel. In fact, the
loader's lsdev does not show any partitions/devices besides the raw disks.
There are two 200G Seagate disks in GEOM Mirror. The OS is FreeBSD 6.1.

Is the Vintage-PE1 hw known to have problems with FreeBSD (or vice versa)? (I
googled but I did not find anything significant.)

Vaclav Haisman

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