gmirror and quota corruption

Ulrich Spoerlein uspoerlein at
Sun Dec 3 08:58:34 PST 2006

Jason Vance wrote:
> I have a FreeBSD 5.5-STABLE box that is setup with a gmirror RAID 1 using
> two identical harddrives.
> ...
> The system boots up but as soon as I do any disk access ie 'repquota -a' or
> write a file to the harddrive, the system hangs. I can still connect to the
> various services via telnet to their port, but none of them respond.
> ...
> Is there a known conflict between gmirror and a quota enabled filesystem?
> How can I properly set these up?

Could you please re-test this setup with a kernel *without* option
PREEMTION and share your results? Also, is this a UP or SMP machine?

Ulrich Spoerlein
A: Yes.
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