LSI 53C1030/mpt(4) problem

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 Recently I bought Intel Pentium D 945 (3.45GHz), Supermicro PDSME
 (Intel E7320), and LSI21320RB (PCI-X SCSI HBA using LSI 53C1030).  I
 installed 6.2-RC1 to an old PATA HDD and attached it to the
 motherboard, and it worked fine.  However, I installed 21320RB and
 made several SCSI HDDs attached, some strange problems occurred.

 First, 21320RB was recognized by the mpt(4) driver.  When I tried it
 with no HDD it was recognized properly, so I turned off the box and
 connected an HDD to it and rebooted it.  Then, mpt(4) recognized the
 HDD and it worked without problems.  I thought it was okay, and
 connected more HDDs to the SCSI HBA.  More specifically, 21320RB has
 two channels, so I connected two hardware RAID boxes which actually
 contain five HDDs each and are seen as one large HDD to each channel.

 When I rebooted the box after that, device probing at boot time
 stopped just before "Waiting 5 seconds for SCSI devices to settle".
 Everything including keyboard does not work at that time, I turned
 off the box and disconnect the RAID boxes.  After several trials,
 I found that 21320RB's behavior was somewhat strange:

 - with no HDD:

   Works fine basically, but after two or more HDDs recognized, it
   freezes during device probing (just before Waiting... message) even
   if the HDDs removed.  Setting the card's configuration as "factory
   default" via BIOS setting seems to recover the state.

 - with one HDD:

   Works fine after it is recognized.

 - with two HDDs:

   Does not work if two HDDs are connected to each channel.  BIOS
   message from the HBA is normal, but FreeBSD device probing keeps
   failing in the following two forms:

    a) Freeze just before "Waiting..." message.
    b) Freeze after "Waiting..." message.

   In b), mpt(4) seems to reset the buses and wait the responses, but
   I saw after displaying "unretryable error" it freeze when "boot -v"

   I tried booting the box with no SCSI HDD, connecting HDDs after the
   boot, and doing "camcontrol rescan all".  It recognizes the
   connected HDDs successfully, and it can be accessed fine even if it
   is more than one.  However, simultaneous access causes solid freeze

   Then I tried a RAID box which has one ID and several LUN numbers
   corresponding to the HDDs.  It recognized as normal, multiple HDDs
   at boot time, and can be accessed.  Simultaneous access works, too.

   After that, I tried daisy-chaining two RAID boxes and connected the
   two to a channel of the SCSI HBA.  These RAID boxes have ID=0 and
   ID=1.  FreeBSD freezes after "Waiting..." message this time.

 In short, I could make this configuration work fine only when a RAID
 box (or SCSI HDD) is connected to the HBA, or multiple HDDs that have
 the same ID and different LUN number from each other are connected.

 I investigated the following:

 - 6.1R sometimes probes the two HDDs case, but accessing it makes the
   box freeze.

 - 2006 Nov 7-CURRENT snapshot probes the two HDDs case, but the HDDs
   are recognized as very slow devices such as 6MB/s, and accessing
   it makes the box freeze, too.

 - When the box freezes just before "Waiting..." message, "boot -v"
   does not display any detail messages there.  In after "Waiting.."
   case, several messages are displayed from mpt(4).

 - No panic in either case.  In all cases, it silently freezes and
   does not respond to Ctrl-Alt-ESC.

 - When I use Intel D865GBF (motherboard with Intel 865 chipset), the
   same HBA, and the same RAID boxes, they work fine on 6.1-RC1.  The
   HBA is connected to 33MHz PCI bus, not PCI-X, so it may make some

 Any suggestions for what I should do for this problem?  I can send
 more detail information from "boot -v" and/or dev.mpt.0.debug=5, but
 not sure which message is important for diagnosing.

| Hiroki SATO

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