vr speed issues

Jamie Clark jamie at zeroth.org
Fri Dec 1 16:57:23 PST 2006

Steven Hartland wrote:
> Charles Sprickman wrote:
>>> Backing up the 4.10 box was within an acceptable margin of wire
>>> speed (~8MB/s on 100M ethernet) given that a router was in the
>>> middle. That's roughly how the box has always performed.
>>> After installing 6.1_RELEASE and updating to RELENG_6 I started the
>>> restore. Maxed out at about 380kB/s. Now I tested the backup speed
>>> again and it has also dropepd to 380k.
> That speed is indicative of a FD / HD mismatch between the switch
> and the NIC if its hard coded try setting auto if its auto try
> hardcoding. N.B. Ensure both ends are set in the same way i.e. hard/auto
> or problems start.
Both are auto and show 100 FD. The switch port stats show zeros on all the
error counters.

Good thinking though. I wouldn't yet rule out an external influence as I
have not performed any in-depth diagnosis of this - but I can't think of
anything obvious aside from the OS upgrade.


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