IP Firewalling by DNS name

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-stable-local at be-well.no-ip.com
Tue May 31 11:26:25 PDT 2005

Lowell Gilbert <freebsd-stable-local at be-well.no-ip.com> writes:

> Oliver Fromme <olli at lurza.secnetix.de> writes:
> > I assume he's not using inetd(8) for ssh (which is not a
> > good ide ain general, and it's not the default anyway).
> > Note that sshd(8) supports hosts_access(3) directly without
> > the help of inetd(8).
> I thought someone had specified inetd, but looking again, that seems
> to have been my own hallucination.  Sorry about that.

I figured out what it was.  Someone had asked why hosts.allow warns
against wrapping sshd.  I remembered that the file comment giving the
warning had originally been added when hosts.allow was an inetd-only

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