Poor network performance: a lot of timeouts

Sebastian Ahndorf webmaster at it-is-warlock.de
Mon May 30 15:06:18 PDT 2005

Steven Hartland wrote:
> Quite a few 100tx nic / switch combinations misbehave when both
> sides are not set to the same be that 100fdx or auto sense. I've actually
> never seen a problem with 100tx autoneg as long as both ends had
> it selected and there wasn't a cable problem.

I was talking about cheap switches (and that's pretty the same with 
adsl-routers). There is usually no way to configure (at the switch) 
which speed/duplex should be used and if you set your nic to a specific 
mode, the switch doesn't mention this. So it keeps on sending it's 
autosensepakets and waits for response. It get's timeouts and thats what 
  pulls down the networkperformance.
So you have to set your nic to autosense and you'll get a better 
performance, cause the nic responces to autosense.

>    Steve

Good night,

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