Poor network performance: a lot of timeouts

Pertti Kosunen pertti.kosunen at pp.nic.fi
Mon May 30 09:52:17 PDT 2005

Imobach González Sosa wrote:

>Ok, I think I have it correctly with this command:
> ifconfig rl0 media 100baseTX -mediaopt full-duplex
>(rl0 or dc0, I've used two different NICs).
>Moreover, I connected my FreeBSD box to the ADSL router (directly, no
>more machines connected) and forced the adapter to 10baseT/UTP and
>full-duplex but it didn't work. I also tried with 100baseTX, but then
>there was no carrier (the ADSL router is a bit old, and only support
Both sides must have same config, autosense should work if there is no 
config possibility in other end.

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