Any known problems with a 3C996B-T?

Ben Stuyts ben at
Mon May 30 06:05:53 PDT 2005


I am about to upgrade one of our servers (running 4-stable) with a  
1000Base-T network card, and the 3Com 3C996B-T looks interesting.  
This is for a small office server (e-mail, files, printers,  
webserver) serving about 25 pc's running a variety of Win2K, FreeBSD  
and Mac OS X.

I found some messages in the past indicating there were some problems  
with this card on FreeBSD. Are these problems solved? I also did not  
see this exact card in the hardware list, although the 3c996-SX and  
3c996-T are mentioned.

Otherwise, any recommendations?

With kind regards,

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