Dima Dorfman dd at
Sun May 29 05:48:15 PDT 2005

Michael Grant <mg-fbsd3 at> wrote:
> # mdconfig -l -u md0
> md0     vnode   23503425 KBytes

-current has support for showing the file name:

  # mdconfig -lu0
  md0     vnode     3.0M  /home/dima/test

I don't know when this will be MFC'd.

> Furthermore, could we have that info when we run mount (with no args)
> and df?  Or might that break something that depends on their output?

The file name used for the disk is not a property of the file system,
so it would be inappropriate to show it in mount. It will point to
md0, however, and mdconfig can tell you how it's backed.
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