Abort rap from cron

Kövesdán Gábor gabor.kovesdan at t-hosting.hu
Sat May 28 13:54:20 PDT 2005

It is a single processor system. Those cron scripts are to verify 
whether my processes are run. So, there isn't such simultaneous runs. 
They are small scripts, that send a SIGCHLD to the processes they are 
responsible for, and if they don't find the processes running, they 
restarts them. I've been surprised because this hadn't happened before I 
upgraded to 5.3-p13. Not only my scripts caused this, even the atrun, 
which is a default entry in the stock /etc/crontab.

>This can happen on SMP machines if you exec a lot of processes at once
>(more than 16 simultaneous execs).  5.4 contains the
>vm.exec_map_entries tunable that allows you to increase this number.

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