Lifetime of FreeBSD branches

Matthias Buelow mkb at
Fri May 27 13:22:12 PDT 2005

Scott Long wrote:

> Yeah, and what I'm trying to do is smooth the bumps for the long term. 
> The 4.x->5.x transition was simply a gigantic mess for users, and it was
> largely a function of it being 4+ years in the making.

<rant>It still _is_ a gigantic mess.  My hosted 5.3-stable server just 
crapped itself for the second time this year, for no apparent reason.  I 
suggest  reestablishing 4.x as the "production" tree and continuing to 
maintain it for a while, including making releases, and regressing 5.x 
to what it is and probably will be for quite a while: "experimental".</rant>


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