wi0 is always status: no carrier

John Baldwin jhb at FreeBSD.org
Fri May 27 13:01:39 PDT 2005

On Sunday 22 May 2005 06:24 pm, Kirk Strauser wrote:
> On Friday 20 May 2005 10:20 pm, John Baldwin wrote:
> > I have a patch to make the PIR code trust the BIOS in this case over the
> > $PIR table that you can test if you want.  Actually, I committed the
> > patch finally a while ago.  It is rev 1.117 in HEAD.  It should backport
> > to 5.x directly.  Try that and see if it fixes your problem.
> I wiped the drive and started over with a new install.  Then, I applied
> your patch and rebooted into the new kernel.  My dmesg output was identical
> between the two kernels (save for the normal little things like minor skew
> in clock rates).  Pardon my ignorance, but should I be somehow requesting
> that my cbb device get bound to IRQ 11 instead of 10?  There's no line
> containing "cbb" in /boot/device.hints; should I add one?

The patch should change the IRQ numbers and also print out a line about how it 
is trusting your BIOS over the $PIR, so I think you didn't backport the patch 
correctly or boot the patched kernel somehow.

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