Context sensitivity in beastie.4th?

Scott Long scottl at
Fri May 27 07:50:18 PDT 2005

Peter Jeremy wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-May-26 23:41:26 -0600, Scott Long wrote:
>>Seems to work for me with the commented lines fixed.  Btw, you by no 
>>doubt have noticed that it's somewhat inconvenient to do 4th programming
>>by modifying the boot scripts and then praying that the reboot works.
>>It's possible to do 90% of the testing in userland, like I did when I
>>wrote beastie.4th.
> [Instructions deleted]
> I believe your instructions are worth preserving.  Any chance of you
> adding that to (eg) /usr/src/sys/boot/README or into the ficl or forth
> directories?

Yeah, it would be a good thing to do.  We should actually go a step 
further and write a ficl manpage that talks about the whole environment
and how to develop in it.


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