Linuxulator & UDP & PowerWare LanSafe III

Igor Robul igorr at
Thu May 26 22:50:06 PDT 2005

Daniel O'Connor wrote:

>Oops sorry, I didn't read it properly :(
>I looked at this project on the NUT home page ->
Thank you for info. I'll try this as soon as possible, but in general I 
need working LanSafe because
there are some Windows servers hooked into same UPS, and they monitor 
Lansafe on main server.

I have tried several times LanSafe on FreeBSD 4-STABLE, and sometimes I 
got message about timeout, but ls3con tries
several times, so it works. On FreeBSD-5 these timeouts just longer, and 
ls3con could not process this situation.

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