Panic in 5.3 RELEASE

Max Laier max at
Thu May 26 16:01:18 PDT 2005

On Thursday 26 May 2005 17:45, Victor Balada Diaz wrote:
> On Thu, May 26, 2005 at 01:09:01AM +0200, Victor Balada Diaz wrote:
> > Hi,
> > using the "user" keyword in pf rules the system panics. I found
> > this in the errata page:
> >
> > (31 Oct 2004) When the user/group rule clauses in pf(4) and ipfw(4)
> > are used, the loader tunable debug.mpsafenet must be set to 0
> > (this is 1 by default).
> >
> > I have mpsafenet disabled so i assume that this should work and this
> > is an unknown issue.
> [ CC'ed to mlaier@ because he did the committ]
> Sorry for replying to myself but i found that with this[1] patch the
> system no longer panics. I think that this sould be merged to
> RELENG_5_3 or at least, update the errata page. Should i send a pr?

I don't see why this should be pushed into the 5.3 *security* branch.  I 
certainly regret that I didn't put it into RELENG_5_3 before the release was 
cut, but with 5.4 out and well, I'm of the opinion that this is water under 
the bridge.

As a general note to all FreeBSD pf users: It's not a bad idea to follow 
RELENG_5 in [sys/]contrib/pf to get all the fixes.  Even when you are 
tracking a release in the rest of your tree.

WRT the errata page: yes, please send a doc-pr.

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