SSHD timeout

Christian Elmerot Chreo at
Thu May 26 05:39:34 PDT 2005

I had an issue with timeouts and SSH before (5.2 I think and 5.1 before 
that). I was able to log in once after a reboot but attamts after the 
first timed out. Searching the net told me that AllowUsers was an option 
I shouldn't have enabled in sshd_config. Commenting out that line made 
all the difference. That said, these issues are usually due to SSH and 
DNS settings that others alredy have pointed out. Disabling DNS (UseDNS 
no) speeds it up considerably.

Just a thought.

Note to self, check to see if AllowUsers still mess up SSH and if so 
check for PRs or file one.

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