Performance of 4.x vs 5.x (Re: Lifetime of FreeBSD branches)

Matthias Buelow mkb at
Wed May 25 17:15:44 PDT 2005

>> Others don't see this though, and in other cases it was *definitively
>> proven* to be caused by the issue I mentioned.  I'll have to think
>> more about what to try next..thanks for running the tests.
> Perhaps it's something SATA-related?

Before restoring my 5.4 dumps after testing -current, I installed 
fedora3 linux just to verify it isn't somehow the hardware itself.  Ok, 
plain installation from CDs, kernel "2.6.9-1.667smp" (default 
installation kernel).  There was absolutely zero noticable lag or any 
effect on response time on X11 while untarring the same firefox source. 
  So there really seems to be something foul in FreeBSD in that regard. 
  And now for the dumps.. *sigh*.


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