RELENG_5_4 panic

John Pettitt jpp at
Wed May 25 08:20:01 PDT 2005

Filip Lenaerts wrote:

> hi all,
> tnx very much for reply, kris, stefan and thomas. i was also
> thinking/fearing for a hardware error.  the reason why i didn't
> investigate sooner is that over the past two years i was running
> 5.0-RC2 and after that followed current.  i always assumed that that
> could be the reason, but when i reverted a month ago to 5.4-RELEASE
> and now RELENG_5_4 aka stable, the problem stayed ... plus my kernel
> debugging skills are very limited - hence learned again :)
> so HW failure.  now the only thing to do is convince our IT dep that
> it is broken and ask a new one.  the problem is that they only support
> windows and they go frantic when they see linux, let alone BSD :)  so
> the probably want to put the blame on the OS iso the HW.  wish me luck :)
> tnx again guys!
> filip
Get a copy of memtest86 (see for a bootable
ISO) - it'sd a stand along memory diagnostic that ahppens to put a
reasonable load on the cpu too - with some luck it will show up the
problem and they won't be able to blame BSD (plus it's a good tool to
have anyway).


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