Syscons output freezes with 4.11-RELEASE

Ulrich Spoerlein spoerlein at
Wed May 25 02:39:30 PDT 2005

Hello all,

got a very strange problem. This happened both, if the system was booted
from a P2-400 Slot1 system and is happening again, although I've
relocated the system to a K6-2 Sockel7 board.

So, we have different hardware, except for 2x NIC and the HDDs, which
I've transferred.

The symptoms are, that some time during boot or shortly thereafter the
output to the console would freeze completely. Absolutely no updates are
happening. I can still log in via keyboard and do stuff (blindfolded)
and all network services are running just fine.

I didn't hit scroll lock or anything, it happens totally automatically,
even with different keyboards.

I tried changing various settings of ttyv0 through vidcontrol, but no
success there. This is a 4.11 system, anything I could/should try to
debug this?

Ulrich Spörlein
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