RELENG_5_4 panic

Stefan Huerter maulwurf at
Wed May 25 01:16:00 PDT 2005

Guckux Filip

Filip Lenaerts wrote:
> i've been experiencing kernel panics for over a year, but the frequency
> of them happening has increased dramatically.  now i was finally able to
> it seems like everytime there is a small high cpu usage peak, the system
> panics.  im totally unsure what is going on, and hopefully someone can

Sounds like a problem which I had a few years ago...
hardware failure...
The reason in my system was a hard-disk fan which won't work anymore.
Under system load - the whole system wants more power and the result was
kernel panic / resetting the system...
Have a look to the other answers - dying of the CPU or else...
(At the moment I expect a similiar problem, the ELKOs on my MotherBoard
are white on the TOP - bad material and they are near the CPU/Cooler...
:-( )


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