nForce 4, SATA Drive only runs at UDMA33?

alan bryan alanbryan1234 at
Tue May 24 19:17:53 PDT 2005

--- Søren Schmidt <sos at> wrote:
> > Is there anything in -CURRENT that would help this
> to
> > work better than 5-STABLE plus the ATA mkIII "n"
> > patches?
> Yes, I've done quite a bit of changes that affects
> this on -current.  
> However its done blindfolded since I dont have a
> nForce4 based system  
> here yet (but should soon).
> - Søren

How soon is "soon"?  I may be able to send you some
hardware too if that would be helpful.  

I tried a -CURRENT kernel today but didn't
build/install world or anything else as I don't want
to mess up this machines 5.4 installation.  The result
was that it now seems to identify all the atapici0 -
atapici3 controllers and doesn't do the repeated
DISCONNECTED/CONNECTED messages but it still panicked
near the end of the bootup process, around the USB

I called a friend today who has a spare SATA drive I
can borrow so I'll be picking that up tomorrow and
I'll swap out drives and do a fresh -CURRENT install
tomorrow on that new drive to see if I can get it any
further along towards a successful boot.  I'll report
back with my findings.

Thanks for the help!

--Alan Bryan

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