Performance of 4.x vs 5.x (Re: Lifetime of FreeBSD branches)

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Tue May 24 14:51:56 PDT 2005

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On Tue, May 24, 2005 at 05:23:59PM -0400, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> Scott Robbins <scottro at> writes:
> > True, but in general, having gotten used to LINT, usually, I would just
> > check notes for syntax--for instance, I might see something about
> > PREEMPTION and just do (while in i386/conf) grep PREEMPT NOTES.  
> Don't forget sys/conf/NOTES, either.  [which includes PREEMPTION,
> albeit without any useful info]

Sorry, perhaps this wasn't clear, I must have snipped too much--that's
what we were discussing, the fact that many people miss sys/conf/NOTES.


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